Field Service Europe 2016 (past event)

29 November - 01 December, 2016

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Field Service Europe 2016 Attendee List

Who will you meet and connect with at Field Service Europe 2016? Download the attendee list to find out. Updated November 23.

Supply Chain Management Systems

Click on the image to Download the Exclusive Presentation. In this exclusive presentation, Georg Lammers, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Infraserv Logistics GmbH discusses looks at how to optimize supply chain management systems and how to select the best processes for your company. Click on the image at left to download the PDF.

The Field Service Europe 2015 Director's Report

Containing analysis and proprietary benchmark data, the Field Service Europe 2015 Director's Report is not only a great tool for benchmarking your organization, but also showcases the topics set to be covered on site this year in a special agenda preview! The report takes a look at topic including: - Setting customer satisfaction as a primary metric - The evolving role of the tech as support technology develops - Building outstanding service into a source of revenues Click the image to the left to download your copy!

Industry 4.0 and Field Service in 2016

With the development of industry 4.0 – it is truly an exciting time to be in service! Service departments have slowly come into their own and can now been seen as a driving force for customer satisfaction and retention. Today, consumers often choose a product based on the level of service that the brand can provide instead of the distinguishable aspects of the product itself. As a result, manufacturers have started to design innovative product and service solutions that address the customer lifecycle. Service executives based in Europe are focusing on many of the same initiatives as their North American based peers. However, they lag behind the Americans in creating service-oriented, customer facing products and services that can augment revenue. The challenges facing European service executives are largely logistical and cultural. While it’s difficult to move parts, people and services across countries quickly and efficiently, it’s just as hard to completely grasp the differences between country specific labor laws, language barriers and more. There is tremendous opportunity for revenue growth within companies that prioritize service. Over the past several years, we’ve seen the relationship between customer satisfaction and profitability increase. In short, the more your customers enjoy and trust the service you provide – the more willing they are to consistently buy your products over time. Make sure that you’re ahead of your peers in the space by figuring out the best ways to develop your field technicians.

2014_2015 Service Trends Report

Services, rather than products and equipment, have become an increasingly critical source of revenue. As a result, field service-oriented companies are under pressure to find new revenue streams in services. This whitepaper uses proprietary data collected from top executives and presented in conjunction with Pegasystems, covers key trends in European field service, including: - How service and support companies are deploying tools that leverage mobile technology - How customer-centricity and customer engagement initiatives have become essential - How businesses are unlocking the potential of technology and data Click the image to the left to download the whitepaper now!

Automating Field Service

Using proprietary data collected from top executives, this whitepaper covers key trends in field service, including: - How service and support companies are centralizing and streamlining supply chain management - How customer-centricity initiatives have become essential - How businesses are automating their operations Click the image to the left to download the whitepaper now!

How to Choose a Next-Generation Field Mobility Platform

The rapid pace of change expected during the next ten years will present field service organizations with several challenges. To stay ahead of their competitors - indeed, to stay in business - they will need tools and technology to equip them for success. Challenges Herein, we identify some of the challenges facing field service organizations, including: Adaptability Internet of Things and Big Data for Decisions Vision as the New Interface and Wearable Internet Servitization Generation Gap

Revamping The Digital Toolbelt: On Technology in Field Service

Across industries and around the world, leading executives have come to understand that exceptional customer service is just as integral to their businesses as their products. Companies are adapting to this paradigm change by adopting powerful new digital solutions. Tools for service lifecycle management, customer relations, real-time automation, and extracting value from big data have become essential pieces of the new value proposition for service.   To help you navigate this changing landscape, we’ve created this exclusive e-book designed specifically to enable top executives like you to create deeper engagement with your customers, employees, and peers. Get started and download this exclusive eBook by clicking the button on the left.

Field Service Trends Report 2014

A survey of over 125 cross-industry, cross-vertical serviceleaders from Field Service USA 2014 was used to create the 2014/2015Services, Revenue & Trends Report, a free report that assesses thetrends driving the 21st century service economy. Respondents represent topcompanies like Cisco, GE, Siemens, Metter-Toledo Inc., andmore.                  The study reveals trends in: - Customer experience - Remote On-Demand Training - Innovations for Transforming Service Delivery - Opportunities for revenue generation in 2014 Download the report by clicking on the image at left.